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Experience Freedom

#NoDreamLeftBehind Specialist


I’m a Broken Soul striving to find peace, purpose and a deeper connection in this crazy world.  I set myself apart to discover what it’s like to live FREE.  Free from cultural pressures and expectations of me.  People often say “well I’m not in a position to do that”.  I’m here to say I felt the same way, yet I walked anyways with a heavy weight of providing for five children, with a burning passion, and an eager desire to surrender what binds my heart in place of Him.  My happiness and Well Being has shot through the roof and I no longer chase the worldly things our culture told us would make us happy.  I invite you to experience freedom with me. 

I have a SOULution for your soul.

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Life Purpose Expert

Ready for a #LifeReBOOT?


You’ve gone from cradle to corporate and it’s time to SHIFT from corporate to calling.


Now that you have been equipped, it’s time to ACTivate your treasures, UNLEASH your dreams, and POSITION you for Purpose.


Let’s get #Back2Basics in order to #MakeSHIFThappen


You were made for more! 


What if . . .


. . . you could wake up every morning and set out to accomplish whatever beat your heart and soul is set to that day; while working with an un-rushed, flexible schedule in a thriving dream – in the right place, making the right money, with the right people, at the right time.  And instead of being under authority you were #InAuthority


That’s my life now.


Burnt out?  Been there.  Afraid to change?  

Been there too.  In 2016 I left my 6-figure, high titled job to follow my calling, and I’ve been helping others transition ever since.  Today, I know all the right tools to successfully be a #BossOnaBudget and shift #Purpose2Profits in order to live a quality life.  


Welcome to mymidlifepurpose moment!

Visit my blog here!

Waiting to be Discovered?


Have you been struggling with an internal battle between “identity and self-confidence”, and feel like you are tired of proving your worth to that company you work for, while you sub-consciously know that you were meant for more?


Is fear holding you back from your #DivineDestiny?


I’ve been there . . . and I critically blamed the world for my un well-being and lack of work/life balance.  


After 450 days of stirring . . . I woke up one day and realized ONE thing that changed my life.  


You want to know what it is?


Here it is . . . 


My mid-life dilemma was not my crisis; it was my calling.  


It’s not the issue of Time Management . . . its Self-Management.

It’s that simple.


That’s how I went from a corporate job 

to a Kingdom Job to a more fulfilling life and so on . . . 

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Signature Coaching Package

Time to do something about that ache . . .


#FinancialFitness Coaching Package

Time to break Financial



Coaching Package

Feeling stuck and want to create your own package . . .


                                                                  Break Busy and Identify your                         



                                                          Explore & Discover your A.V.A.T.A.R.

(Align Values to Awaken Talents 

and Activate Results)


* Values Exercise

* Thrive Assessment

* StrengthsFinder


                                                              Create a Strategic Roadmap Aligned 

to your A.V.A.T.A.R.


* Vision Board

* Personal Mission Statement

* Leadership Philosophy

* Create your #BattleBudget


                                                        Execute to move efficiently and effectively 

towards results!


* Development Plan

* SMART Goal Plan

* Organization & Self/Time Management

* ETA Method (Execute, Track, Assess)



You got some of this down already?  

FastTrack in 90 days . . .

In 12 Sessions

                                                    Together we will reduce 4 sessions of your

choosing to get you moving faster towards

your urgent need



*Coaching sessions are available via zoom or in person

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JtV (2).png


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Vanessa Russell

Love Never Fails, Founder and Executive Director

Cisco Systems, Inc., Sr. Sales Business Development Manager


"We invited Jennifer to facilitate our Love Never Fails 3-5 year Strategic Planning Initiative.  Not only did she share our heart for survivors and community wellness, but she lent her gift of administration to us and thoughtfully organized our time to produce an outcome that exceeded our expectations and diligently prepared us for a prosperous future.  Jennifer is used by God to capture organizational and personal vision as outlined in Jeremiah 29:11 and commit it to paper for all to see."

Love Never Fails, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Human Trafficking Survivor


Jessica Olmos

AlfaTech Consulting Engineers, Former Project Administrator

Current Stay at Home Mother & Wife


"Jenn told me to follow my heart in all that I do.  I was going through a pretty hard time and needed someone to tell me that things happen in God's timing.  Jenn leads a bible study group that I attended.  In this group we read a book ... on how to get out of my head.  Through this study, she helped me release all the negative inside me ... and focus on the good which at that time was the the pregnancy of my first child.  Jenn is driven and hardworking and finds the best in all things in order to lead you in the right direction."


Brianna Williams

Love Never Fails, Entrepreneur, Board Member, Human Trafficking Survivor



“Jenn's love for the Lord radiates and shines through everything she does. We used SoulJen Solutions for one of our recent board meetings and absolutely loved it. Although strategic planning is necessary, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Jenn kept us focused and kept the Lord first throughout our meeting. I would definitely recommend SoulJen Solutions!”


Whitney Guinchoma

Former Genentech Inc., Sr. Administrative Assistant

Current Stay at Home Mom in Career Transition



"Jenn has coached me for the past year and a half in bringing me back to the Lord.  I was born and raised in a Christian church and have struggled the past couple of years.  Jenn has encouraged me and challenged me to do things outside of my comfort zone. She encourages me to reflect on decisions we make on a daily basis that sometimes we're not aware of.  I fall off every now and then but she always uplifts me."


Leyven Caisip

Stanford Medical Center, Practice Care Coordinator



"Sister Jenn has taken her time with coaching me and I love it!  She would call and text me every day to check how I'm doing.  Since my divorce ... I was always shut down from my son.  But today him and I have the best relationship thanks to Jenn's Life Coaching advice!  I'm giving my 100% to my children, my health, and our Father God! Jenn will give you advice of things that you didn't think you could have done physically or financially.  In addition, I suffer from insomnia and since I've been following her plan ... I actually get 8 hours of sleep each night.  I'm feeling financially, stress and insomnia free!"

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 4.39.30 PM.png

Leanette Guillory



"Jenn is a powerhouse!  She is filled with wisdom and when she speaks to you she does so with passion, love, and truth.  Jenn has been working with me ... to help me get out of debt and to move forward with my dream job.  Financial freedom is on the way and so is my job.  As a single mother ... my finances couldn't always cover my expenses ... used my credit cards irresponsibly and lived paycheck to paycheck.  Jenn has given me hope in what I thought was a hopeless situation.  Financial freedom is obtainable!  Freedom is obtainable!"

Former Pharmacy Technician 20+ Years

Current Stay at Home Mom Pursuing her Purpose

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 4.39.45 PM.png

Yvonne Casperson



"I didn't think I would ever survive the pain I was going through but through God and our Sister2Sister Fellowship group, I have learned to lean on God when I don't have a clear understanding of things.  Jenn led this group.  It brought me out of a dark place.  I am grateful and blessed to call Jenn my sister, teacher and confidant."

Construction Co., Office Manager

Mother of 8 and Grandmother of 6

Meet your Life Purpose Coach

Jenn Alvarez


Hello!  I’m Jenn Alvarez, and I founded SoulJen Solutions to empower men/women to reach their potential and live in the fullness of their creation.  I’m a “work in progress” -- God-Fearing writer, survivor, wife, mother sister and friend.  I’m a recovering workaholic and the creator of #LifeREBOOT, a 16-week coaching intensive program that walks people through their pain point, nudges them past their fears, and transitions them into the life they were meant to live.  


My credentials derive from Spiritual Insights, Life Experiences, Community Engagement and Educational/Professional work.  I’ve been serving the community for over 12 years and helped over 100+ unsettled men/women achieve personal success from years of professional, community and life experience.  

JtV (2).png
More About Me


Education & Credentials


Bachelor of Science Degree, Criminal Justice, SFSU


Christian Life Coaching Diploma, Light University



Professional Experience


Lead Positions, Sr. Finance Manager


Biotech Co. - Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work for in the Bay Area


12+ Years



Community Engagement


Community Program Lead, Executive Secretary, Advisory Board Member


Serving 100+ under-served youth and Human Trafficking Survivors in the Bay Area


10+ Years



Ministry Commitment

Member, Co-Lead Hula Praise Dance Womens Ministry

Cornerstone Church in San Francisco


10+ Years



Writing Journey

Author of

A Real-Life 14 month synopsis of my #LifeReBOOT moment

As a survivor of childhood domestic abuse, a former single mother, a daughter of a mother who passed away at age 46, and made it to be a well-established corporate professional -- Jenn has experienced pain, suffering, stress, anxiety, brokenness and more – all the things that are attached to this thing called life. But through the fear, she has learned how to break bondages and THRIVE. She understands what it’s like to wake up with an unsettled, stirring spirit that won’t seem to go away. And she knows how to get focused, organized and work hard to get to a desired place.

Jenn wants to hold your hand so you have someone to fail with, to grow with, and to thrive with, so that one day you too can rescue others from the very culture that keeps us weary, busy and distracted.

Check out Jenn's Radio Talk at Kfax AM 100 “Spirit of the Bay”

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JtV (2).png

Still trying to push past your Fears?

Check out my journey and get some FREE tools on how I was able to set myself apart, find a way out and #BreakBondages.

. . . And let me know when you’re ready to get serious!


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